An Uncomplicated guide to great health – Naturally

Finding great health starts with one simple idea; it’s not complicated. In An Uncomplicated guide to great health – naturally, I share may own journey towards great, natural health and provide you with the tools so you can do the same.




I’ve written this book as one part inspiration, filled with stories of both myself and my clients, and one part natural health guide, bursting with ideas and practical steps to improve, maintain and enjoy your health and wellbeing.

Living the natural way has improved my life in so many ways and I truly hope it can do the same for you.

This book is about staying well in our busy and stress-filled lives. I’ll show you the importance of putting yourself first from time to time and how to stay on track when enthusiasm and determination begin to fail.

But that’s not all! You’ll also learn:

  • The benefits of natural health
  • How to stop waiting and become fit and healthy, today!
  • What makes a healthy diet (and what doesn’t)
  • How to be happy and positive, no matter what life throws at you
  • How to minimise and cope with stress
  • Different ways to exercise without those expensive gym fees
  • Tips to make natural health work for you
  • Taking responsibility for your own health
  • Why chocolate is healthy (and why you should be eating it)

But most of all, An uncomplicated guide to great health – naturally is about reaping the benefits of living the way nature intended.

Table of Contents

  1. About me
  2. Let’s make an introduction
  3. Why go natural?
  4. Where do we begin? at the very beginning, of course
  5. Take responsibility
  6. Don’t worry, be happy!
  7. Love yourself… exactly the way you are
  8. Stress, the silent killer
  9. The Digestive System
  10.  A Balanced Diet, all that delicious food
  11.  Exercise, moderation is the key
  12.  Supplements
  13.  It’s not the end; it’s just the beautiful beginning…

What others are saying about
An Uncomplicated Guide to Great Health- Naturally


“Wow, what an insight into health and wellbeing. This book is a must for anyone serious about making a change in their lifestyle. I read it through and then immediately began again with a handy pen and notepad, making notes not only for myself but friends and family also.”
– Gill Harris

“Wendy knows her stuff. She is non-judgmental and is kind. She writes in a way that you feel she is with you holding your hand and helping you to remain positive through a sometimes frightening look at your own health and well being.”
– Jules

“Wendy truly knows her stuff, she is a very talented woman … recommended read for anyone who has an illness or just wants to be healthy & happy…. :-)”
– Gemma Jenner

Be healthy today!

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