Hi, I’m James



I’m a freelance blogger, food photographer and

The Wellbeing Touch’s official “Recipe wrangler”

Oh, and I’m also a chocoholic…… 

I love food; I love making it, eating it, and reading about it.

Yes, I’m a food nerd; I get excited when receiving new recipe books in the mail, I skulk around when my recipe creations don’t turn out right, I prefer to make things from scratch than buy from a supermarket and I’m a hoarder of kitchen gadgets and gizmos…

It’s nice to meet you.


What do I do at The Wellbeing Touch?

Well, if Wendy is the brains behind this venture, I am the muscle.

The virtual, sitting-at-a-computer-screen, muscle. 

You see this amazing website? I made it with my own two hands (despite my very, very limited web design skills).

But, apart from pushing my techie abilities to their limits, you will find me writing articles for the blog or scurrying about my kitchen creating and photographing new recipes for The Tasting Plate.


Am I a chef?

Unfortunately, no. 

Concerning food and recipes I am completely self taught; a graduate of the recipe-book-reading-TV-show-watching-internet-researching university. 

There has been a lot of trial and error in the past and I have had more sunken soufles, burnt cakes, and strange, fluro-green soups than I’d like to admit.


What do I do in my spare time?

If I’m not here you can find me working on my own blog, The Nude Food Hero.

Otherwise I’ll be sitting at my piano (I’m an enthusiastic amateur!), hunting down chocolate, spending time with my partner and four-legged children, enjoying life here in Sydney, Australia, watching Netflix, or buried nose deep in a book