Hi, I’m Wendy

Wendy Langley Natural Health specialist

I am a Natural Health Specialist, Personal Trainer and

Self-confessed Chocoholic!

But we’ll talk about that later….


Wow!  A whole page all about me, I could write a book…

But I like to keep things uncomplicated so, for now, I will keep it that way.


What do I do (apart from eat chocolate)? 

It’s my privilege in this life to help others find natural solutions to their health issues, promoting an uncomplicated way forward that we can all adopt.


Do I love what I do?

Without a doubt!

I have an energy and a passion for the work I do . It was a natural approach some years ago that ‘fixed’ my own serious health issues that had sadly put pay to a thirty two year dance career.


What about when I am ‘off duty’?

I am fortunate enough to reside between the Greek Island of Crete and England. When I’m ‘off duty’ you will catch me either at the beach, enjoying the Cretan sun, or hosting family events in England. I am also a coffee snob; I love meeting friends over fine coffee.


Am I qualified?

Of course!

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Dance Teacher, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapist which I use in various combinations to help those I treat.

I am also trained in Holistic Facials, Sports Injury Therapy and Massage for those who are fortunate enough to be living nearby.


Do I have anything else to add? 

Well, like I said I could write a book…

Wait, I did write a book: The Wellbeing Touch, An uncomplicated guide to great- naturally!

Most of all I love life; I love to live it and it is my pleasure to help others do the same!